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Puglia and Basilicata are the perfect holiday destinations, offering some of Italy’s loveliest beaches but also a sublime climate, a genuine feeling of authenticity, a series of fascinating towns, a number of important archaeological sites and…an excellent culinary tradition bristling with local specialities!


The growing request for a demanding tourism resulted in a transformation of classical Apulian rural houses – the famous Trulli and masseria – into modern and charming beauty farms and wellness resorts, outfitted with all comforts where relaxing with treatments based on water and weeds from the Mediterranean sea. An ideal retreat where recovering energies after a long and stressful working period… or just a pure self-gratification!
And being in Puglia, the wellness effect is multiplied by the many beauties that the region offers to its tourists: cultural itineraries, crystal clear beaches, romantic views, gastronomical delights and – last but not least – friendly people!
Our city breaks option will allow your customers to fully enjoy the Romanic treasures of Lecce or the pleasant and welcoming regional capital Bari, while with our shopping tours you’ll get to know the countless opportunities to buy a piece of Puglia and its local handicraft.


  • Wellbeing holidays (yoga classes, etc)
  • Shopping tours



  • cooking classes
  • food&wine tours

Legumes, pasta, vegetables, seafood, fresh fruit, extra-virgin olive oil, a little meat. Once in a while the “Mediterranean dietary model” is not an abstract word but is simply what is served every day on Apulian tables.
Eating habits here do not quite follow trends and dictates of modern nutritionists couldn’t find a better expression: it’s not common to find a cuisine that achieve to combine so efficiently the goodness of its dishes with the principles of a healthy diet.
A simple cuisine but with an intense flavour, a fair balance between marine and rural tradition; on the surface a poor cuisine which actually require a great ability in the execution.
Extra-fresh fish, that Pugliesi love to eat also uncooked, and exquisite vegetables resulting in amazing smelling dishes, thanks also to local olive oil which here is the dressing par excellence.
You can simply appreciate all the flavours of it through the several paths for foodies or learn more about it by attending one of our cooking course held in amazing masseria and historical villas scattered all over the region and share the secrets on your homecoming.
An ancient tradition and a remarkable production that exceed in quantity, today more and more appreciated for its quality worldwide: Apulian wines will amaze and intrigue you with our tours through the best known local wineries. With Puglia that will be stuck in your heart and in your palate.


Puglia offer the tourists the many interest occasions from a cultural, historical and artistic point of view, as often monuments and memories of the past to be seen are a unique experience in its kind.
From megalithic finds and littoral caves of the Salento area, the oldest evidence of human settlement into Italic peninsula, to the surprising Trulli cluster scattered like amongst winding dry walls of the Itria valley, ending up to surely undergo that appeal which grow out from an ancient and mysterious past.
The history of Puglia is made of countless dominations, from prehistory to Middle Ages, and its architectural jewels lie still there to attest their origins: the castles, with Castel del Monte above all being a UNESCO World Heritage site, palazzi, city and town squares exhibiting sumptuous Renaissance and Baroque style buildings.
Basilica, cathedrals and sanctuaries, different artistic expressions united in the name of faith: Puglia is traditionally considered a land of fervent spirituality, which shows especially in many popular festivals and evocative historical reenactments that renew every year ancient traditions.
From sacred to profane: you’ll discover the mysterious traces left by Knights Templar and will visit the relics of the most adored saint in the world, that Saint Nicholas that started off from Bari the legend of a certain Santa Claus…….
If you like unusual trips, here we have what suits you best: rural paths, fish tourism and olives and grapes hand-picking, artisan handicraft classes and much more, also customized activities on request. It will be more fun to do it here, under the clear blue Apulian sky.


  • Faith and traditions
  • History & Landscapes



  • cooking classes
  • food&wine tours

Close your eyes, take a deep breath and…
Listen to the crystal clear waters breaking the sandy beaches in Salento, or the sound of the marsh harrier flying free under the skies of the natural reserve of Torre Guaceto, or simply the silence along the paths of Alta Murgia.
Admire the boundless fields of Tavoliere, the centuries-old beeches along the tracks of Gargano National Park or the wildlife of Lesina and Varano lakes.
Enjoy the intense scent of the Mediterranean herbs and fruits of this generous land, proudy mosaic of biodiversity.
And yet: touch with your hands the beautiful blue waters of Tremiti islands where caves, multiform corals and amazing spirographs will welcome you at best.
Now re-open your eyes: pack on the back and start your walking amongst amazing olive groves and breathtaking coastline paths or cycling over rural tracks unravelling between Trulli in the enchanting Itria valley.
Whatever the reason of your stay, Puglia will warmly welcome you like in a giant natural park, able to reward you with moments of pure relax or authentic thrills.

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