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Providing a wide range of tourism services, Ad Pugliam is your one-stop source for tour operators and professionals wishing to promote the amazing Puglia region.

We offer guided and self-guided itineraries including from the most renowned to the best hidden places, discovering spectacular views, cultural treasures, wine and gastronomical excellence.

Our activities include lodging reservations, connections to and from the region, guided tours and event organization.

Our tours are carefully planned to satisfy everyone’s need: along each excursion we always provide stops to better appreciate the landscape, weather the reason is a nice picture or an appetizing lunch!

So join our web site and start looking for the right service, you’ll certainly find expertise and a fair quality/price ratio which will satisfy Your company and Your customers.

If you choose Puglia, trust someone who loves it.

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Apulian Diary

Culinary traditions of the old town in Bari

Through the narrow cobbled streets of the old town, the narrow streets scattered as picturesque nooks overlooking the blue easterly sea, a lovable smell of frying creeps in Bari evenings and takes you there, where fairs and generous women keep alive an ancient tradition, deeply rooted in the people of memory of the elderlies.


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From our guests

We cannot express how very much we appreciate the time spent with you. You made Puglia come alive for us!
The tours were outstanding and we all feel we learned so much. To top it all off, we had many laughs with you, and we will remember our stay for a long time [....]

Carolyn, Bonnie & Danusia – Canada

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Latest News

Apulian wines kick off at Mondial du Rosè

27 April 2017

Four out of the six best Italian Rosè wines are made in Puglia: this is the verdict after the recent Mondial du Rosè held in Cannes, France.

Tourism in Puglia, strong rise of arrivals from abroad

21 December 2016

The “strategic foreign markets” for Puglia are mainly Germany, France, UK, Switzerland and the United States of America, together with Poland and the Netherlands.

Matera, revealed the ancient underground: “A city under the Sassi”

07 December 2016

A path of 1,5 kilometer at 25 meters in depth, a few steps away from the main square of Matera, the European capital of culture 2019. It’s the hypogeum called ‘ Matera Sum ‘, a veritable underground city discovered a year ago in a privately owned site.

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Current weather in Puglia

Meteo Puglia

The Puglia region enjoys a typically Mediterranean weather with mild winters and hot, long and in most of the region, dry summers; thanks to the mildening action of Adtriatic and Ionian seas, coastal areas present a more typically maritime weather, with lower seasonal temperature range. Inland territories – Murgia and Gargano promontory – present instead climatic characteristics more purely continental, with greater seasonal temperature range.

Rainfalls are pretty weak all over the region, resulting basically concentrated in the winter months and characterized by an extremely unsettled regime.

The temperature is mild all year long except January and February; in the period from March to May the average temps seize around 17-23° C, while from June throughout October they raise up to averages of 25 to 30° C, with highs up to 40° C in July and August.

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Booking conditions

All prices shown on our site are in Eur per person based on two people traveling together using a twin / double room.

All prices include:

accommodation with private bath and / or shower and toilet for a number of nights indicated in the “itinerary in brief”.

meals as indicated in the “itinerary in brief”. If dinner is included, there is a 2-4-course meal, often with regional specialties. Drinks are not included (except for breakfast and/or where otherwise noted).

additional services, such as transport of luggages to the various structures in the itineraries by foot or by bicycle; rental bicycles where ilcuded; on-site service and professional guidance.

complete travel documentation, including specific indications in the case of stays that include routes on foot or by bike and a road map for routes with car hire without a guide.

Travel options

Our goal is to make the travel itinerary as flexible and suited to your requirements. Since every booking is accepted individually, we give you the opportunity, for most of our proposals, to choose the mode of travel, the starting point and the path that you feel most appropriate; our staff will be happy to provide assistance and advice.

Personal travel insurance

We offer a personal travel insurance policy specifically designed for our itineraries made by Columbus Travel Insurance Services Limited, whose coverage is among the castes among those proposed on the market. In addition to medical care, the policy provides a guarantee for the cancellation and trip interruption for many causes. In the case of routes on foot or by bicycle, the policy also provides coverage in the event of incapacity due to illness or injury.

We believe that the coverage of an insurance policy is essential: in case you decide not to buy our insurance, we require you to provide us the details of your alternative policy (insurer, policy number and phone number of a medical emergency) in order to provide immediate assistance in case of need during your stay.

In this case, we ask you to see if your insurance coverage is at least equivalent to our policy and that is adequate to the present mode of stays in our proposals. We do not accept liability for damage, loss or expense additional costs caused by the lack of the above.

Individual travelers

A supplement is needed for individual travelers. Since our prices are based on two people occupying the same room, we may need to apply a surcharge for single travelers, who will care to point out in the booking process.

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